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WheelHouse Solutions provides Cloud Services to businesses throughout the Tampa, Florida area.

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Unified Communications (UCaaS)

UCaaS encompasses all of the different forms of communication within your organization into a centralized application, providing more functionality and flexibility for an increasingly remote workforce.

Circuit Restore™

Customers can now opt-in to a paid monthly service to proactively monitor voice and data circuits for outages and provide quick resolution, preventing costly downtime.

Persystent Suite® (Self Healing PCs)

The Self-Healing PC technology employed by Persystent Suite® allows our customers to significantly reduce downtime and lost productivity and save money on costly computer repairs.

Cloud Hosting Services

More and more businesses are realizing the enormous benefits of cloud hosting for their web sites, digital assets, as well as their mission critical business applications.

Cloud Networking

Our cloud networking solutions are unparalleled in the industry, providing a host of benefits to our cloud customers, including a rock solid disaster recovery plan, should it be needed.

Infrastructure as a Service

IaaS allows your business to select an operating system and load your applications onto the servers, but it’s the responsibility of the IaaS provider to keep the equipment secure, powered up and up-to-date.

Single Sign On (SSO)

Our single sign on services allow our clients to work more quickly and efficiently, by requiring only one sign on for all web services they utilize to do their jobs.

Cloud Based Software (SaaS)

More and more businesses are realizing the cost savings and benefits of utilizing Software as a Service (SaaS), versus the old model of purchasing individual software licenses for each physical workstation.

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