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Mobile Device Management from WheelHouse SolutionsMobile Device Management from WheelHouse Solutions utilizes Microsoft Intune, a fully-featured platform to configure devices for enterprise access and protect corporate data on smartphones and tablets – all from a single interface.

With more devices than ever – smartphones, tablets, laptops, and PCs – people have an increasing number of options for getting and staying connected. Employees expect the freedom to access their work email and documents from anywhere on any device – and they expect seamless, modern experiences.

As a robust integrated cloud platform, Microsoft Intune simplifies your business with rapid deployment, visibility and control that spans across mobile devices, applications and documents. Deployment is quick; in just a few clicks, IT administrators can start enrolling devices and quickly manage the entire mobile device lifecycle – from enrollment to enterprise integration, configuration and management, monitoring and security, support, and analytics and reporting.

Delivering on a unified Microsoft vision

Microsoft plays a leading role helping companies take advantage of the digital transformation of business, by empowering employees to be more productive and collaborative. Working together with the other solutions in Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS), Office 365, and Windows 10, Intune is a critical part of Microsoft’s vision for a Secure Productive Enterprise.

  • A modern approach to mobile productivity. Microsoft Intune gives you a diverse set of tools for managing your complex mobile environment. Intune’s innovative combination of mobile application management and device management options gives you flexibility in how you manage and secure mobile productivity.
  • An essential part of Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security. Intune provides device and application management, and works seamlessly to deliver cross-EMS capabilities such as conditional access with Azure Active Directory Premium.
  • Provide users secure access to the best mobile productivity experience. With Intune, manageability and data protection are built directly into the Office mobile apps your employees are most familiar with. Your data stays protected, and employees stay productive.
  • Windows management choice. With the different options in Windows 10, plus Configuration Manager and Intune, you have the flexibility to stage implementation of modern management scenarios while targeting different devices the way that best suits your business needs.

The best experience for IT pros and end-users

Intune provides the data protection your business requires, while giving your employees access to the tools that make them most productive. You get an extensible admin experience integrated with the rest of the EMS, and the support you need to ensure your data is protected.

  • Intuitive, frictionless, and secure mobile productivity on employee-managed devices. Intune allows you to provide your people with the gold standard productivity your end-users expect, on any device. Microsoft’s unique ability to manage Office apps gives you control without the need for traditional containerization or clunky work-around apps.
  • Balance productivity and security based on context. Conditional access combines the power of Intune and Azure Active Directory Premium, allowing you to define policies that provide contextual controls at the user, location, device, and app levels. Natural prompts ensure that only the right users on compliant devices can access sensitive data.
  • A powerful new admin experience. The new Intune admin experience on Azure is optimized for cross-EMS workflows, allowing for seamless set up and management of policies between Intune and Azure Active Directory.
  • FastTrack and world-class support to ensure you’re set up for success. FastTrack provides you access to a team of engineers dedicated to helping you plan and execute your Intune deployment. And our 24/7 support keeps you running strong day to day. Both are included with your Intune subscription.

Flexibility, choice and scale

With Intune, you get flexibility in how you manage mobile productivity. Delivered from the cloud, Intune is a future-proof choice that will solve your needs today and easily scale as your needs evolve and change in the future.

  • In a complex device landscape, you need choices. Today’s complex device landscape presents an array of challenges to keep data secure on corporate-owned, employee-owned, and foreign-owned devices. Intune offers choices, allowing you to choose whether to use device management, application management, or a combination of the two – depending on your needs.
  • Partner-ready and extensible. Our partnerships are designed to enhance our core functionality by delivering interoperability with popular point solutions that you’re using today. The Intune App SDK allows you to easily add mobile application management to your apps for iOS and Android.
  • Easy to get started, and grows with you. Because Intune is built from the cloud, getting started managing apps and devices is quick, easy and affordable. No need to purchase and maintain on premise hardware and software. And Intune is updated automatically, freeing you to focus on what’s important.

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