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Multiple Key Functions Included in One Comprehensive Suite

Persystent Suite provides 4 enterprise-level features, in a single cost-effective solution. Persystent Suite provides feature-rich, enterprise-level capabilities, as a single centralized solution (including repair/recovery, imaging, change management, drive sanitization), at a price point that looks good on the balance sheet and easily outperforms other market alternatives.

Persystent Suite automates PC repair without manual intervention, reducing help desk incidents by 70%:

  • Automatically self-heals any compromised, mis-configured or poorly performing PC in a matter of seconds
  • A simple reboot, seamlessly applies last known desired state through our proprietary corrective action process
  • Maximizes compute availability, effectively eliminates re-imaging!
  • Works preboot of the OS–even if disconnected from the network or the domain.
  • Zero-touch, end-to-automation imaging process fastest on the market
  • Includes NIST 800-88 compliant device wipe
  • Supports Windows 10 (and 7, 8, 8.1 and XP)

1. Automated Self-Healing

Simplifying the Restoration and Recovery Process

When a user reboots their PC, Persystent Suite’s automated self-healing process seamlessly applies the last approved state, even if the PC is disconnected from the network. It is so simple and seamless, it gets users back up and running in about 45 seconds, preserving the integrity of the device and effectively removing the need to re-image a machine.

  • Automatically restores end user PCs to its last known desired state
  • Multiple levels of repair
  • Resolves most break/fix issues in seconds: promotes fix first, troubleshoot later strategy
  • Works on PCs and Windows-based Servers
  • Compliments and integrates with ITSM/client management solutions like LANDESK SCCM, Dell Kace, and many others
  • Reduces break/fix help desk incidents and costs by more than 70%

2. Imaging

Control the Ongoing Integrity, Consistency and Continuity of all PC Workstations

Persystent Suite maintains its status as the industry leader when organizations value the most reliable and quickest imaging processes. Whether creating a base image for a new PC or updating/ refreshing the many devices under your control, with an updated version, Persystent Suite provides a proven and automated means to reduce downtime, eliminate mistakes, ensure operational control, and align with your organization’s security best practices.

  • 75% faster than others on the market
  • More flexible file-level imaging, not sector by sector
  • Zero-touch bare metal imaging; end-to-end automation
  • Integrates with drive encryption and compression solutions
  • USB for remote imaging and disaster recovery capability
  • No roll back to Day Zero (unless required); profiles, settings are untouched
  • Manage multiple images based on your own policies
  • Time saving auto task sequencing includes joining a domain, changing a computer name, SID changes, and other post-imaging tasks

3. Secure Device Wipe

Maintaing DoD/NIST 800-88 Standards

When retired or recycled, hard disks still contain sensitive information, and simple deletion or partitioning will not suffice, Persystent can quickly and seamlessly erase data and sanitize the drive. Persystent’s erasure capabilities also allow IT to better manage approved ideal images. It “wipes” a 256GB device in less than 40 minutes: about 10 seconds per gigabyte. Companies must take action that will leave no trace of the previous image on a device and Persystent Suite meets those needs.

  • Renders any drive across the enterprise unreadable and leaves no trace of previous device image
  • Replaces targeted data is with zeroes to ensure permanent removal
  • Aligns with regulatory and DoD and NIST 800-88 compliance mandates
  • Remote wipe; disable OS viability of lost or stolen PCs
  • Achieves erasure faster and with less manual intervention

4. Change Management

When the only constant in your IT environment is change

There is always a new software application, new OS version, an update, a patch, or a variety of other sanctioned changes, that affect a base image. Persystent Suite is an invaluable tool that can optimize change management. Once an image is deployed, you can manage and automatically schedule the authorized updates. It simply takes a new snapshot of the new desired state and seamlessly updates only the changes for 1 or 100,000 images. The image is successfully applied the next time the PC is rebooted.

  • Manage and maintain configurations of individuals, groups
  • Support compliance and policy enforcement
  • Increase patch/update distribution success with minimal disruption
  • Manage disaster recovery protocols
  • Coordinated OS transitions (including WinXP to Win 7 or 8 or 10)
  • Centralized web-based administrative console to set policies, schedule tasks and updates
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